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FREE 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge - are you in?

Change Your Life 30 Seconds a Day in Just 21 Days

We’ve got a brand new challenge for YOU. It’s simple, and requires hardly any time or effort. Because living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be so damn hard.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. If you can dedicate a measly 30 of those seconds to try a new health trick, your bod will reward you with: 

More energy, better moods, easier digestion and less cravings

So, in this challenge, we’re going to help you to ditch those naughty habits and replace them with good ones. 

Here's how it works: 

1. We’ll give you a nifty health tip every day for 21 days. Then, we want you to go off and incorporate that habit into your day. Just give it a go. 2. Afterwards, you can adopt it in your daily life, or ditch it if it’s not realistic for you (or if you just don’t like cinnamon that much).  

In true GoodnessMe Box style, the tips will focus on eating whole, natural and colourful foods that are bursting in flavour and health benefits.  

The tips are easy, fast, and use items you probably already have at home (or discovered in past boxes!). We’ll email you a shopping list at the start of the challenge, but there’s hardly anything on it.

We’ll also let you know the benefits of each tip, but won’t bother you after that. Our team of health practitioners have verified every tip so you can get the most out of the next 21 days and take control of your health.  

This is your journey. A chance to pick up some healthy practices, learn a little about how everything works, and find out just how good your body was designed to feel. And health has a domino effect.  

When you feel good, you look good – so just wait for the compliments to start rolling in!  

Are you ready to look and feel FAB?  

Sign up below and get started straight away.  

Let’s do this!  

Yours in good health,  

Peta, Founder of GoodnessMe Box

Hello! We are proud to be Australia's largest health food sampling service. Here at GoodnessMe Box, we want to put the fun back into healthy eating. But we know you’re crazy-busy, so we make it easy for you: we deliver pure, wholesome food right to your doorstep. And we do it every month. For more information visit

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